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Pogim What We Do


It’s not just what we do, but how we do it – encouraging curiosity and inspiring people gather and share thier ideas – experiences and vision to creatively look at problems and issues in new ways – finding new solutions – taking responsibility for their hope, their purpose, their wellbeing and their community.

  • We engage

    We engage

    More than numbers – engaging is about building connection – conversation – co-production. It's about creating an atmosphere where everyone can gather and grow.
  • We listen

    We listen

    More than a forum or a form – listening is a culture that includes – that honours – that is curious to discover the ideas, talent and uniquess of everyone involved as well as those who are not yet involved.
  • We equip

    We equip

    More than leaflets or training courses – equiping is developing resources and solutions that everyone can use to build their resilience, wellbeing and life skills.
  • We sustain

    We sustain

    More that ongoing funding – it's creating things and doing things that live on – it's developing resources that influence culture – improve wellbeing – promote resilience.

Below are a few links to some projects that we have been involved in.

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