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Resilience Project

Pogim’s aim are to support and educate people about resilience, confidence, coping with failure and other concepts - like the social and emotional wellbeing skills associated with these and their importance for living a successful life.

Learning how to be resilient helps children and young people to:

  • Be successful learners - because they understand the importance of education and attitudes towards learning and knowledge.
  • Be confident individuals - growing in personal efficacy and self-assurance.
  • Be responsible citizens - able to relate to others and have a sense of personal and social responsibility.
  • Become competent adults - understanding the importance of this ‘life-skill’.
  • Have healthy minds and bodies - understanding the importance of attitude, habit and connections to develop well-being.

These workshops are fun, fast paced and hit key curriculum areas. We’ve themed them along the concept of ‘What helps you float?’ The young people get to engage with a wide range of ideas and concepts and leave with their own self assigned areas to develop attached to a rubber duck!

Project Films

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All of the resources are available in English and in Welsh.

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