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About Us

Pogim was set up in 2015 by Youth Friendly as a non-profit organisation that works to promote community, belonging, resilience and wellbeing. We're an enthusiastic team of people from all different backgrounds coming together because we see the amazing potential of children, young people and families in our community and across Wales. We enjoy developing resouces and projects that inspire and nurture resilience, aspiration and the ability for people to live awake to the opportunities and challenges of life.

There's a Jewish word; 'shalom'. It means 'peace' but its full translation may be better understood as wellbeing – completeness – 'nothing missing, nothing broken' – whole!

Our heart is to help and support people to find their 'shalom'.


Mission Statement

To create content that educates, informs and inspires wellbeing, resilience, community and LIFE.

Vision Statement

Equipping people with the tools, information and opportunities to aspire, achieve and participate in all areas of their life.

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Our Team

We currently are a small team of eight with a youth advisory group.

Our board has six members and three independent advisors.

We also enjoy the support of many wonderful volunteers who enjoy being part of it all. 

Our Board

Nidge & Beth

Nidge & Beth

Lee & Sarah

Lee & Sarah

Dean & Vicki

Dean & Vicki


We have developed a core set of principles that guide and underpin everything we do:

Respectful – To serve and respect everyone no matter their gender, marital status, race, ethnic origin, religion, age, sexual orientation or physical and mental capability.

Inclusive – Everyone should be able to take part, this is supported by actively engaging, networking and developing partnerships on this principle. Seeking to work cooperatively creates effective, integrated, well distributed and sustainable resources.

Enthusiastic & Fun – To bring enthusiasm, fun and positive energy into our dealings with people and especially into delivering projects and developing resources. We believe it brings out the best in people.

Participation – People are involved, included and listened to in every project. Participation is far beyond a box-ticking exercise; it is our identity.

Innovative, creative and fresh – Media and resources should be creative and fresh, not just dusting up what’s been done before. We work together to find new ways to do things that solve problems and deliver better results.

Excellence – Quality is part of sustainability: 'good enough' is not good enough! With the flood of media and resources out there – average won’t get any attention. That’s why we commit to our Quality Assurance model and involving everyone in helping us review and continually improve.

Safe – We aim at all times for people to be physically and emotionally safe. This includes working to our policies, CRB checks, careful interviewing, continuous training, fluid communication, creative planning and ‘switched on’ delivery.

Eco-friendly – We carbon offset our work, we Reduce, Re-use and Recycle where appropriate. However, promoting and supporting an eco-friendly culture will make the biggest impact.

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