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September - Month Ten

September means the beginning of a new school-year, the beginning of Autumn and the beginning of the Conwy Mussels harvesting season.

We had the great joy of spending an afternoon with the Conwy Mussel men collecting, cleaning and cooking mussels and of course tasting them! Did you know that Conwy mussels are sustainably hand-raked from where they naturally form on the seabed? They have been harvested the same way for the past 200 years! Because they are sustainably harvested only at certain times of the year Conwy mussels are larger in size, meatier and have a distinctive taste that rope grown mussels just don’t possess. It's pretty amazing to see!

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This month we also got to talk to the wonderful people who run all the Pick Me, Eat Me gardens around town! These lovely people keep our town green, fun and tasty!

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September has been a brilliant month but we are super excited for October which is our exhibition month! We hope to see you all there!

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