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May - Month Six... Continued

Two posts in a month - we are spoiling you!

Last weekend, Conwy’s pirate festival was in full swing with people bustling in the streets, clad in full pirate garb (quite the sight!), but we pulled ourselves away - back into the Tudor times with the lovely staff at Plas Mawr.

Taking full advantage of the dramatic weekend, we were welcomed by characters from the house’s past, delving us into history and bringing it alive once again. From the surgeon and his display of historical implements, to the medicine woman and her array of herbs and spices; there was even a servant or two to show us around (with the head maid keeping her staff in line).

We learnt about the sweet treat of the time - Marchpane (marzipan) - which would be shaped for decadent cake displays, and we even had a go at making some creations of our own (some more successfully than others).

Marchpane1    Marchpane2

In exploring the world of traditional herbal remedies, we tasted several plants and flowers; like the pinky/purple flower of a chive plant has a lovely onion flavour - would be a pretty addition to a salad! The smells that filled the air were amazing.

Did you know, everyone used to drink beer in the Tudor times as the water wasn’t safe to drink - including children?! However, they didn’t seem to mind drinking from the lead lined cups!

Our group had a great time exploring the rich history of the building and its long standing food heritage, as well as getting to know the faces that lived and worked there.

Take a look at the film below to see what we got up to!


Keep your eyes peeled for what we get up to next month when we become bee keepers for the day! BZZZZZZ

Enjoy the start of summer!

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