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June - Month Seven

This month was buzzing with excitement! ;)

The start of the month saw the Pogim team undertaking some archive training from the awesome guys at the People's Collection Wales. This is the website where all our collected stories, photos, recipes etc. will be documented, so that people around the country - now and in the years to come - can have a glimpse into the heritage of our beautiful town. We had a great time sharing the traditions and stories of Conwy with our guests and being enthused for the heritage of the future that we are building now.


Last week, our group of young adults took part in a beekeeping taster day with Conwy Beekeepers at their apiary site in Abergwyngregyn. White suited and wellington booted, we discovered the fascinating world of bees and the incredible community cohesion involved in their lives, from hatchling workers to the queen bee herself! Did you know that the bees have roles in the hive from the moment the lava hatch? They are promoted every few days as they get older!

The first 20 days sees them grow in skill level from a humble cleaner, to a mighty defender of the hive. After this, they are promoted to flying bees, the foragers of the bee world, and are sent out to collect nectar, water and pollen. 

bee suits






With the beehives in full swing, June sees the honey collecting season take off as bees and their keepers are preparing for Conwy’s Honey Fair in September. Although it’s a few months away, all the hard work started as spring came to an end.

insta bees 4insta bees 3

Keep your eyes open for all the local honey appearing on the shelves! It tastes so good!


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