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August - Month Nine

Blog time already! Where is the time going?

This month we brought the food heritage of Conwy to a group of teenagers as they explored the old buildings and enjoyed finding out about Barivelli’s artisan chocolate. The group had the opportunity to learn how the lovely people of Barivelli’s make their various chocolate bars, they even had a go at rolling their own chocolate curls! Luckily there weren’t any pools of liquid chocolate for anyone to fall into, so a good time was had by all!

They also found themselves on a treasure hunt in historical Conwy, with only old photos of the buildings to help lead them to the treasure trove of ice cream at Parisella’s. The shops joined in on the fun too by handing out the clues for us!

Baravellis 3Baravellis 2

Our next visit was to Edwards Butchers for delivery day! The team had the opportunity to watch as the skilled staff cut up a whole pig and discussed the various cuts they use. Next month we will be heading out to the local farm that supplies Edwards, to find out more about the pig farmers and farm life.

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The end of the month saw us visiting the Toll House and suspension bridge, which was still in use until November 1958 when the last toll was paid! One of the previous tenants was a family of 6, who lived in the compact house for a year whilst undertaking the role of toll keeper. To help bring in extra money they had a small garden where they would grow crops to sell to the locals. This echoes a strong history of growing food in Conwy, including the Orchard and the allotments which are still in use today.

toll house visit

Untill next time folks, why not try growing some food of your own!

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