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The End

Hello Everyone!

Well that's it! The Pogim Food Heritage Project is finished.

We have learned so much and really want to thank everyone who got involved. We'd especially like to thank the Heritage Lottery Fund for making all of this possible.

FoodHeritage Overview

If you want to see all the films we made on our journey then you can find them all on the People's Collection Wales.


 - The Pogim Team

We're on Tour!

We're on tour!

Jeff and Megan are part of the team that is taking the Pogim Food Heritage Project on tour around some of Conwy County's Primary Schools.

They're having loads of fun going into schools and teaching Years 3-6 about how food can be Nutrition, History, Community and Fun!

School 1
School 2
School 3
School 4


November - Month Twelve

Food is more than foodNovember! It's the end of November and the end of our Food Heritage Project - but not really! 

We're very excited because our Conwy Food Heritage project is going on tour! Over December we'll be putting together food heritage assembly presentations and workshops to take into schools.

We also plan on putting a course together to teach children and young people how to create and start their own heritage courses!

Over December and January, we will be collecting all of our film and audio footage, images, stories, recipes and memories; and archiving them all on the People's Collection for Wales website. We're excited to have the whole project online and accessible for everyone!

October - Month Eleven

October was our Exhibition month and we had an amazing time with over 300 people visiting us and taking part! Have a look at our Conwy Food Heritage Exhibition film below:


At our exhibition, we had loads of displays, activities and archives for people to get involved with, as well as some food, obviously!

Below are four movies that we debuted at our Conwy Food Heritage Exhibition Opening Party!

Parisellas Ice Cream Parlour has been making ice cream within Conwy’s town walls since the 1940s. This is their story.
Edwards of Conwy has become a Conwy institution with a nationwide reputation. Here’s a film we made about how they still practice the traditional art of butchery.
Conwy Mussels have been harvested in the same, traditional way for the last 200 years! We think that’s amazing!
ConwyMusselsFilm 2
Baravelli's is a multi-award winning artisan chocolatier. They hand-make their own delicious chocolates and treats inside the walls of Conwy!

September - Month Ten

September means the beginning of a new school-year, the beginning of Autumn and the beginning of the Conwy Mussels harvesting season.

We had the great joy of spending an afternoon with the Conwy Mussel men collecting, cleaning and cooking mussels and of course tasting them! Did you know that Conwy mussels are sustainably hand-raked from where they naturally form on the seabed? They have been harvested the same way for the past 200 years! Because they are sustainably harvested only at certain times of the year Conwy mussels are larger in size, meatier and have a distinctive taste that rope grown mussels just don’t possess. It's pretty amazing to see!

21414995 1984605898491313 3172732802901850558 o    21414907 1984608518491051 7954591768909424496 o

This month we also got to talk to the wonderful people who run all the Pick Me, Eat Me gardens around town! These lovely people keep our town green, fun and tasty!

21167686 1981096452175591 8544844605014484745 o

September has been a brilliant month but we are super excited for October which is our exhibition month! We hope to see you all there!

August - Month Nine

Blog time already! Where is the time going?

This month we brought the food heritage of Conwy to a group of teenagers as they explored the old buildings and enjoyed finding out about Barivelli’s artisan chocolate. The group had the opportunity to learn how the lovely people of Barivelli’s make their various chocolate bars, they even had a go at rolling their own chocolate curls! Luckily there weren’t any pools of liquid chocolate for anyone to fall into, so a good time was had by all!

They also found themselves on a treasure hunt in historical Conwy, with only old photos of the buildings to help lead them to the treasure trove of ice cream at Parisella’s. The shops joined in on the fun too by handing out the clues for us!

Baravellis 3Baravellis 2

Our next visit was to Edwards Butchers for delivery day! The team had the opportunity to watch as the skilled staff cut up a whole pig and discussed the various cuts they use. Next month we will be heading out to the local farm that supplies Edwards, to find out more about the pig farmers and farm life.

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The end of the month saw us visiting the Toll House and suspension bridge, which was still in use until November 1958 when the last toll was paid! One of the previous tenants was a family of 6, who lived in the compact house for a year whilst undertaking the role of toll keeper. To help bring in extra money they had a small garden where they would grow crops to sell to the locals. This echoes a strong history of growing food in Conwy, including the Orchard and the allotments which are still in use today.

toll house visit

Untill next time folks, why not try growing some food of your own!

July - Month Eight

It’s Summer time!

The sun is shining (mostly!), the kids are enjoying the start of their holidays, and here at Pogim July saw the completion of our work with Wild Horse Brewery.

When we heard that the guys at Wild Horse were making a special ale for Conwy’s Medieval Tournament (June), we couldn’t resist heading along to see the production in progress. From heather and hops, to brewed and bottled; Jeff was able to film the process from beginning to end and made this awesome video to capture the magic.

 WildHorseBrewery Film

The beginning of July also took us to Aberconwy House, the oldest recorded merchant house! In a more modest way to Plas Mawr (see May’s post), the house showed how the working people would have lived and entertained guests.

Focusing on Evan & Elizabeth David in the 1600s and Captain Samuel Williams in the 1700s, the history of the house was fascinating. It was also a great example of the wheat industry, as being owned by a farming couple, grain/bread was the main source of income for the family; this would then be sold alongside crops in the shop on the lower level of the building.

Screen Shot 2017 07 28 at 11.05.15

We're having a great time discovering all the food heritage that Conwy has to offer and we're really excited to bring it all together in our exhibition in October!

June - Month Seven

This month was buzzing with excitement! ;)

The start of the month saw the Pogim team undertaking some archive training from the awesome guys at the People's Collection Wales. This is the website where all our collected stories, photos, recipes etc. will be documented, so that people around the country - now and in the years to come - can have a glimpse into the heritage of our beautiful town. We had a great time sharing the traditions and stories of Conwy with our guests and being enthused for the heritage of the future that we are building now.


Last week, our group of young adults took part in a beekeeping taster day with Conwy Beekeepers at their apiary site in Abergwyngregyn. White suited and wellington booted, we discovered the fascinating world of bees and the incredible community cohesion involved in their lives, from hatchling workers to the queen bee herself! Did you know that the bees have roles in the hive from the moment the lava hatch? They are promoted every few days as they get older!

The first 20 days sees them grow in skill level from a humble cleaner, to a mighty defender of the hive. After this, they are promoted to flying bees, the foragers of the bee world, and are sent out to collect nectar, water and pollen. 

bee suits






With the beehives in full swing, June sees the honey collecting season take off as bees and their keepers are preparing for Conwy’s Honey Fair in September. Although it’s a few months away, all the hard work started as spring came to an end.

insta bees 4insta bees 3

Keep your eyes open for all the local honey appearing on the shelves! It tastes so good!


May - Month Six... Continued

Two posts in a month - we are spoiling you!

Last weekend, Conwy’s pirate festival was in full swing with people bustling in the streets, clad in full pirate garb (quite the sight!), but we pulled ourselves away - back into the Tudor times with the lovely staff at Plas Mawr.

Taking full advantage of the dramatic weekend, we were welcomed by characters from the house’s past, delving us into history and bringing it alive once again. From the surgeon and his display of historical implements, to the medicine woman and her array of herbs and spices; there was even a servant or two to show us around (with the head maid keeping her staff in line).

We learnt about the sweet treat of the time - Marchpane (marzipan) - which would be shaped for decadent cake displays, and we even had a go at making some creations of our own (some more successfully than others).

Marchpane1    Marchpane2

In exploring the world of traditional herbal remedies, we tasted several plants and flowers; like the pinky/purple flower of a chive plant has a lovely onion flavour - would be a pretty addition to a salad! The smells that filled the air were amazing.

Did you know, everyone used to drink beer in the Tudor times as the water wasn’t safe to drink - including children?! However, they didn’t seem to mind drinking from the lead lined cups!

Our group had a great time exploring the rich history of the building and its long standing food heritage, as well as getting to know the faces that lived and worked there.

Take a look at the film below to see what we got up to!


Keep your eyes peeled for what we get up to next month when we become bee keepers for the day! BZZZZZZ

Enjoy the start of summer!

May - Month Six

Month Six! Our Half Way Update...

Wow! Here in the Pogim office we cannot believe that it has been six months already! We have been thoroughly enjoying this project and connecting with the people and businesses that keep the heritage of food alive in Conwy!

We're so excited about the events and visits we have planned for the next six months but here is a quick film on what we have been up to since December!

Pogim Film 6MonthUpdate

April - Month Five

Hello and welcome to April's blog update!

April has been a fantastically busy month for the Pogim Food Heritage project and we've enjoyed every moment!

In March we visited Conwy Library and spoke with some of our wonderful locals! We heard great stories of Conwy and food and learned some delicious recipes recipes. Conwy is rich with food heritage and history and genuinely lovely people. So we decided to visit Conwy Library again! One of our favourites aspects of this project is talking to people and collecting their food memories. In Conwy Library we met Pat who was kind enough to agree to be filmed for our project! Her memories and stories are fun to listen to and she has given us so much insight into Conwy and Conwy food during and after WW2.

This month we also had a chance to visit Clwb Yr Efail! Clwb Yr Efail started in 1978 and is social club for the older residents of Conwy. It was a real pleasure to meet with them and talk to them about their food memories of Conwy too.

Filming Pat

Filming Pat

Clwb Yr Efail

Clwb Yr Efail

Clwb Yr Efail

Clwb Yr Efail

March - Month Four

The sun is shining, the air is warmer and there are lambs in the world again. It's springtime!

Dear friends, our adventures continue.

This month we've been on a few excursions to Popty Conwy Bakery, Parisella's ice cream factory and Conwy Library (the library probably seems like a bit of a random trip but stick with us). At the beginning of the month, Jonathan Roberts was kind enough to take our team on a tour of Popty Conwy bakery and tell us a little bit about the history of the place. The bakery has been in the Roberts family for the last 10 years, and while that may not seem like a long time, the building itself has been a bakery since 1938. Recipes have been passed down from father to son, owner to owner and has gathered quite a large fan base, both tourists and locals alike, over their traditional bread, Bara Brith and vanilla slices! Thankfully it's open today so drop by, say hi to the happy Roberts brothers (and Cat!) and try some of the town's finest baked goods!

And then! The Parisella's family, who have been making delicious ice cream for generations, took us around their magical factory... don't get too jealous... We were able to watch them take every day ingredients like milk and sugar and turn it into the most lush ice cream within our very own castle walls. They were kind enough to let us sample the freshly made Bounty flavoured ice cream, but this was not enough! So we joined our heritage team at the Parisella's ice cream parlour and indulged in their tasty crepes, waffles and countless ice cream flavours. Easter is coming up and with it, the release of their incredible Cream egg ice cream, yum! You may spot a few of us hanging around with cones in our hands, feel free to grab one with us.

While we think you'll agree that sampling the food is an important part of this project, we're also keen to collect stories from our locals and make sure that Conwy's food heritage is passed on. Yesterday, Jeff and Sarah went down to the Conwy Library and spoke with our knowlegable residents, learning from them some fantastic stories and recipes. As we suspected, Conwy is not only rich with food heritage but genuinely lovely people as well. It was a brilliant time and we'll be popping up in other places to collect more stories so keep an eye out on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to see where we end up. We would love to meet you and hear your stories too.

This is Hally and Sarah signing off, till next time.

Life is good.

Jonathan Roberts, Popty Bakery

Jonathan Roberts, Popty Bakery

Parisella's Ice Cream Tour

Parisella's Ice Cream Tour

Jeff in Conwy Library

Jeff in Conwy Library

February - Month Three


Greetings from inside the castle walls of Conwy!

Three months in, can you believe it? Time flies when you're having fun! Here at Pogim, we've been beavering away on our exciting Heritage Project and what we're learning (apart from the myriad of stories about food in Conwy over the years) is that organisation is key.

On the first of the month, Hally and Sarah were interviewed by BBC reporter for Conwy, Chris Dearden (follow him on twitter here @C_Dearden)

Chris posesses the incredible skill of putting people at ease. We didn't feel like we were being interviewed, it felt more like we were swapping stories with a friend - and WOW does Chris ever have stories. That man is a well of knowledge when it comes to Conwy. It was a great experience (THANKS CHRIS) and we'll be keeping in touch with Mr. Dearden in the coming months and inviting him along on our events to see how we're getting on.

Part of our project is not only exploring archived information but listening to people's individual memories as well. A friend of ours has loaned us a few books to peruse and we've been finding some really interesting photos of Conwy's rich history and discovering the different food shops that were floating around in yesteryear.

Below is a picture of what is now the bakery (that we'll be visiting soon) and sweet shop on Castle Street.
You can find more photos like this in a book called The Spirit of Conwy:1 by E.M. Pattinson.

We'll be visiting Aberconwy House and we're told that old photohgraphs have been donated to the house from local families who have been living in the area for generations. Our Aberconwy House event will involve being some of the first to go through these photos and hopefuly unearth old memories of food in Conwy.

On Shrove Tuesday we had a pancake party (of course) with our team, ate way too much and rifled through more books. You can watch what we got up to below.
PancakeDay  PancakeDayVideo

Ever stopped in at Popty Conwy Bakery? Cakes as big as your face, no word of a lie. Next week we get to wander over to Popty Conwy Bakery and watch how they make their delicious breads and treats and talk to them about their family business and the history behind it. Can't wait!

Until next month friends, enjoy the sunshine and why not take a stroll through Conwy? You might run into me and I'd be more than happy to share a cake with you.

Heart eyes & thumbs up emojis,


January - Month Two

Hello fellow food and heritage enthusiasts!

And welcome to Month Two of the Food Heritage Project.

When we last wrote, we were in the throes of finding a new addition for the Pogim team. We're HAPPY to announce that we found a great person to join in the adventure *enter Jeff Gill, stage right*

Jeff is originally from Tucson Arizona, found and married an animal whisperer from South Wales, (you can call her Christine) and moved to Conwy. Although he's only worked for us for a few weeks, Jeff has already become a vital part of the team, bringing fresh creativity, new ideas and has dazzled us with his fantastic graphic design skills. Not to mention, he's part ninja.

Last month we told you that we were making plans and confirming dates with our local food geniuses to learn about their areas of expertise. We're very excited to participate in all of the events below. And we're still planning more!

    Workshop Jan2017We met with our young people team, introduced them to Jeff, caught them up on the progress of the project and did a questionnaire which sparked discussions on Heritage, belonging and what that looks like in our lives. It was fun! There was food and laughter and by the end, everyone went home with more knowledge and full bellies - the sign of a good time. Watch the film.

    Follow us on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/_pogim/?hl=en and Twitter https://twitter.com/_Pogim to stay updated with our funny team.

    Bye guys, see you in February (or just a little after)

    Love Megan & Sarah

    December - Month One

    Good morning and welcome to the Sarah & Hally blog update!

    As you know, the Pogim team have been in the process of applying for the Heritage Grant for Conwy. The purpose of the grant is to teach young people about the importance of heritage and how it can give you a sense of identity within your local area. Our local area of Conwy has an incredible food heritage, both old and new. Recipes have been passed down from generation to generation which have also inspired new traditions. Here at Pogim, not only do we want to learn about these traditions, we also want to share it with as many people as possible! Because this is something we're so passionate about, we applied for a fund!

    And the good news is...WE GOT A HERITAGE LOTTERY FUND!!!
    To see the Press Release click here:

    So we had a party! We ate lots of tasty food (in keeping with the theme of our project) and started to plan the coming months of 2017.  It was the perfect Christmas present. We're very thankful for this opportunity and it now means that we get to explore and learn about the food heritage of Conwy. The funding has also helped us get equipment so that we can document this brilliant journey. We want to take you guys with us! So we're going to be keeping a monthly blog to share our adventures with you and hopefully, virtually take you along for the ride.

    Also just as exciting... we've written and released a job description to help grow our Pogim team. We're really looking forward to our new addition! (A fully grown human, not an infant)

    So far, we've made plans with the local food geniuses to learn about their area of expertise and try our hand at their craft. Pictures and videos to come!

    Follow us on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/_pogim/?hl=en and Twitter https://twitter.com/_Pogim to stay updated with our funny team.

    Thanks and Happy New Year!

    Sarah, Hally & the Pogim team.